1. Façade Project Management & Consulting

    • As a professional sub-contractor, we are able to undertake your project management task by providing a good consultation in every aspect involve in the façade engineering and solution. By working with a good project schedule, we will be able to complete each project stage within the milestone and reasonable budget.

2. Façade Project & Building Façade Refurbishment

    • Either a new or existing building, our experienced team will be able to handle the façade project work according to client’s best interest. We believe every building outlook is distinctive; we constantly source for the new design and quality material that can practically apply to the building in order to get a unique, vibrant and sustainable face of a building.
    • Façade refurbishment gives a new life on the outlook of the building. With well planning and proper engineering work, we could present a new glance of view on the building outlook, and to upgrade the value of the building functionality and economically.

3. Façade Architectural Steel & Stainless Steel Work

    • Our skillful team provides variety range of structural steel work to our clients. From façade structural work to any specific needs of aluminium, steel, and stainless structural work requirement, such as railing and louvres work, or ribbon display, center hung scoreboard structural work and etc, we are able to provide good engineering solution to our client towards completion of work.

4. Façade Defective Investigation & Rectification

    • Serious façade defect cause lot of inconvenience to building owners. This defect may occured due to:
      • Water leaking due to abnormal heavy rain
      • Outdated curtain wall system
      • Failure of silicone and sealant functioning
      • Failure of interfacing between curtain wall and building structure
      • Movement of building caused facade mis-alignment
      • Poor workmanship during project installation
    • We are here to help to investigate, rectify, repair and restore the wounded part of the building/architecture in order to recover from its working condition. Our passion and dedicated team will produce quality work that will demonstrate good value performance to our client.

5 Façade Service & Maintenance

    • In order to have a continuous good functional approach, every façade system needs schedule maintenance. We could advise and provide you a practical façade prevention and improvement program in order to maintain the building exterior’s element and a sustainable visual appearance.