Millennium Façade Construction is leaded by a group of experienced personnel with the objective in developing & supplying quality façade services and solution to our various line of profession. We integrate sincerity, integrity, and business ethics into all aspect of our business to consolidate the core value and trust to our clients and business partners.

As a professional solution provider, we embrace in-depth curtain wall system design, fabrication, installation and maintenance work with great passion and enthusiasm to each project. Our highly work ethic and solid business foundation enable us to serve our client’s best interest by committing to deliver an exceptional client-focused service and solution together with effective management of quality, safety and sustainability.

Customer satisfaction is the highest priority in our business goal. To achieve this, each project must be well managed with proper project planning, scheduling, supplying, targeting as well as financing. These are the most important element to be presented in a value-experienced team. Our leaders and team-mate work closely to incorporate all these attributes and values to grow it become our working culture. This positive working culture allows us to continuously undertake any project task by delivering superlative results to our clients with highest satisfaction. Millennium Façade Construction is definitely your best project management partner.

Our Vision

• Endeavor to become the leading façade & building architectural solution provider with sustainable quality in Malaysia.

Our Mission

• Commit to provide the most comprehensive and personalized professional service to our client. Our solution must be practical with exceptional quality that applied to every project in order to achieve highest customer satisfaction.

Our Value

  • Collaboration – We work together with all parties (our team-mate, our partners/associates and our clients) as a team. Good team work leads to success.
  • Concentrated – Combining a concentrated portion of every individual’s contribution, we can produce enormous result.
  • Communicate – Good communication between all parties to ease the progress and process of any project task. Open sharing of opinions, ideas and improvements are the best way to resolve any obstacles and challenges.
  • Complete – All project task must not only done but to be completed with quality assurance.
  • Customer Satisfaction – We believe this is the utmost important element lead to business success and continuity.